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Our Efforts

The O.C. Nwana Foundation aims to honor the life and contributions of the late Professor Emeritus Obioha Chima Nwana through countless ventures in leadership, training, and philanthropy. 

Learn how our divisions and initiatives cooperate to enact a concerted effort of fulfilling said aspirations and address a number of issues our international communities face today.

Reading Aloud in Classroom

O.C. Emeritus Initiative

named for Prof. Emeritus and Prof. Mrs. O.C. Nwana

The OC Emeritus Initiative honors and venerates the life and joint contributions of late Professor and living Professor Mrs. O.C. Nwana to higher education in Nigeria. This initiative is dedicated to supporting teachers, students and institutions of higher learning in the pursuit of excellence in science, art, and culture.

Capt. Obioha Nwana Initiative

named for Capt. Obioha Nwana

The Capt. Obioha Nwana Initiative honors and recognizes the life and contributions of the late Captain Obioha Nwana through various leadership development events and supporting rising leaders and personnel in aviation, oil and gas, and logistics.

Engineering Class
Our Recent Commitments
November 21st, 2022
*a flyer from
"An Aviation Leadership Forum"
in honor of Capt. Obioha Nwana
Capt. Obioha Nwana Initiative
November 21st, 2022
*moments before
"An Aviation Leadership Forum"
in collaboration with African Enterprise Institute
"The Role of Logistics Support in the Oil and Gas Industry"
November 21st, 2022
*a gallery of images capturing:

"An Aviation Leadership Forum"
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